History isn't a smooth concoction of trade, prosperity, and development—it's seasoned liberally with war, conflict, and calamity. The chaos is indisputable, and we at TalenTouchstone believe that had our world conquerors the benefit of key Leadership Development experiences, humankind's backstory would resemble a smoothie more closely than a goulash.

If Alexander the Great had thought about succession planning, for example, his empire would never have crumbled after his death. If Napoleon had possessed better communication skills, he would never have alienated his chief diplomat who helped his adversaries defeat him. If he'd had a degree in geography, Hannibal would never have attempted crossing the Alps with a herd of elephants. Alright, perhaps a degree in geography isn't vital for most leaders in the business world. But key Leadership Development experiences will be. There’s no business that’s too big or too secure to need leadership solutions—the recent crises at Infosys and Tata, for instance, highlight the importance of placing the right leaders in the right positions, the need to equip them for success, and culture-fit. Leaders play an active role in the success and sustainability of their companies, which means a company’s leadership strategy is inextricable from its business strategy.

Our Focus: Transformational Leadership

TalenTouchstone creates transformational leaders who foster intrinsic motivation in the people around them, build an atmosphere of trust, accountability, and efficiency, and use their insight and flexibility to adapt their stratagems to deal with a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.

We are committed to developing leaders for today and tomorrow’s world. Through relevant, engaging leadership development experiences that integrate both organizational objectives and the leader’s personal goals, we prime your top talent to effectuate organizational strategies that are key to the success of your business.

Key characteristics of our personalized leadership solutions include:

  • the creation of development solutions for every stage of your pipeline
  • the development of agile leaders who can respond effectively to a dynamic market
  • the cultivation of a fertile learning environment that focuses on experiential learning
  • the introduction of tools that allow successful transitions to new roles/roles of greater responsibility
  • the instillation of self-confidence as leaders of the future
  • the improved use of feedback in leaders’ personal and professional life
  • the triggering of the leaders’ own desire to invest in their leadership skills

and more.

Our leadership development programs increase the value of the talent in your organization. As a result of our signature methods, your leaders will be equipped with the tools they need to energize your workplace and create a work environment that encourages engaged employees to thrive. Contact TalenTouchstone to know more about how we can help you. Our programs are flexible and can be tailored to meet the requirements of your organization.